Stay On Track With Subaru Suspension At Rimrock Subaru In Billings, MT

Rimrock Subaru near Harden, MT knows how to keep you on the road. This includes, among other things, a vehicle's suspension. Without proper suspension, not only would ride quality be abusive, it would be very dangerous as well. Currently there are three types of suspension systems that are primarily used. A solid axle mounted to leaf springs is typically found in trucks that are made to carry heavy loads. This does not provide independent rear suspension as the rear wheels are connected via the solid axle. Most smaller vehicles have either MacPherson Strut suspension or double wishbone suspension

The MacPherson Strut system has become wildly popular due to the cost savings it offers. This design consists of a shock absorber positioned inside a coil spring which is connected to the vehicle's body at the top and to a single control arm attached to the frame at the bottom. The two main drawbacks of this design is limited travel and inability to provide camber adjustment when cornering. The travel is the vertical distance that the wheel is allowed to travel when negotiating uneven surfaces like bumps and holes in the road. Greater travel provides a smoother ride and less potential damage to a vehicle. A wheel's camber is the angle of the wheel in association to the road. When in a turn, lateral energy is transferred such that the outside wheels are positioned with greater road contact on the inside edge. This means less grip and reduced handling.

The double wishbone suspension used by Subaru mounts two 'wishbones' or 'A' arms (named for their shape) directly to a vehicles frame. A coilover shock absorber can be positioned in a variety of locations allowing engineers to best utilize available space. The articulation of the double wishbone design not only allows for greater suspension travel but also provides appropriate camber adjustment when cornering which keeps the wheel wholly in contact with the road at all times. The Subaru suspension is also a 'standalone' suspension design meaning that the suspension of each wheel is wholly independent of the other wheels. The MacPherson design is considered independent despite relying heavily on front and rear 'anti-roll bars' that spans between the wheels ultimately connecting them.

Aside from the functional advantages of the Subaru suspension over the MacPherson struts, there is also the added benefit of the double wishbone securing the wheel to the car at four points instead of two. Since many drivers rely upon their Subaru for adventure above and beyond the smooth and freshly paved roads, Subaru suspension is far more resilient. The MacPherson design relies on a single control arm, which is essentially a straight piece of metal, to attach the wheel spindle at the bottom and a coil over shock at the top. Not only is this more susceptible to incurring damage but MacPherson struts often have to be replaced as a complete unit where the double wish bone allows only the worn out part to be replaced saving both time and money.

Clearly the 4 wheel independent double wishbone suspension found in Subaru vehicles is superior despite being more expensive for manufacturers. The thing to note here is that Subaru offers the better suspension on its vehicles while maintaining a competitive price with lesser equipped competitors. This is just another example of how Subaru has mastered their manufacturing process to provide customers with the absolute best for the money. Come test drive a Subaru and take advantage of the incredible deals available at Rimrock Subaru just up the road from Laurel, MT.

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