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The growing collection of letters from our loving customers & partners

At Rimrock Subaru, we strive not only to provide great customer service for all of our customers but also to be a pillar of our local community through our outreach endeavors with our partnerships and sponsorships of charities and special events. We want to make your experience at our dealership simple and memorable. Here are a selection of customer and partner testimonials.

"I told them it was a great car, and I had one"

I am now sporting the My 2nd Subaru icon.  I love the depth of the visors when going east on King Ave. and the sun is rising; the visor keeps the sun at bay.  I know body style differs with models and years, but 2011 visors are a good job.  I also love the "get up and go" with the Outback.  I could pull on to Rimrock Road out of the MSUB Rimrock parking lot with my Legacy and know that I would have enough time to get up to speed before that the car ¾ block west would be on my tail.  With my new Outback I have so much power in getting up to speed in the same scenario.  The car could maybe be even closer, but I won't press my luck.

Also over Labor Day weekend I was walking out of Costco.  Some people were really checking out the Subaru there [Forester?], peering in the back windows.  I told them it was a great car and that I had one.  See I even help people out in other settings.  

I know you know all of this or you wouldn't be selling Subarus, but thought I would let you know that I love it.  Actually, I never thought about looking at any other car make and not even any other Subaru model.

About my friend, Bill, spending money on large ticket items  takes time.  Don't give up on him.  School is just starting, and it takes a lot for us to get the semester going.  So, be patient.  Come Oct. I may ask him if he has gone to check out the Subaru's yet.


"Thanks from Louisiana"

Dear Zac,

Gwen and I certainly enjoyed meeting you in Billings, and we appreciate all the nice things you did for us.  I encourage you to keep working on your salesmanship.  You have a great touch for meeting and selling people.  You are honest and not too pushy, and that makes people want to do business with you.

Gwen and I look forward to seeing you again.  When her car is fixed, we are hopeful that you can bring it to Louisiana and spend some time with us.

If I can help in Louisiana please let me know.


Foster Campbell

"We absolutely love our '13 Outback! "

To Clay and the Crew,

I just want to let you all know that my husband and I greatly appreciate your consideration for our military service, and we absolutely love our '13 Outback that we purchased from you last winter. We have put 36,000 miles on her since and she runs great!  I'm touching base with you because this is our first new vehicle and we would like to keep a newer vehicle in the driveway . We don't want to have the vehicle for so long that it will depreciate to the point where buying new again is out of the question. We have been looking at the new '14 and '15 Outbacks and like the fact that the design hasn't changed much from the '13. If we were able to sell our '13 sometime this year, what could we purchase a new or lightly pre-owned '14 or '15 from you? Thanks for working with us, and Clay thank you again for your efforts, you made things really smooth and stress free (we still have your CD!).

Treva M

"5 Stars....should be 6 Stars"

This five star rating would be a 6 star, if I could make it go that high -- Rimrock Subaru's Service department blew us away. Our Subaru died 20 miles outside of Billings, on a Saturday, so I called Rimrock to warn them we'd be towed in soon -- well, soon turned in to 10 minutes before they closed and nevertheless, Craig (the Subaru service manager) and a couple of the techs stayed to do the initial diagnosis for us. After that -- after hours, Craig offered to drive us around to hotels to find a vacancy but instead he pulled some strings and got us a rental car so we could continue our trip to Yellowstone. He then kept us updated and got our car squared away as quickly as was possible. He even called us a few days later to make sure we were safe on our way to Tacoma, WA. 

I've never had such a good experience at a car dealership's service department.

Ted in Tacoma

"Safety for Student Drivers"

Dear Mr. Lee,

I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for your involvement in the Billings Traffic Education program and to provide you with some information about our program.

Fall, winter and spring sessions are held during the school year after the regular school day at West, Senior and Skyview high schools.  These sessions are approximately twleve weeks in duration.  During the school year we utilize 27 cars, 9 each session to help instruct 540 students.  Out summer program is the largest of the year, with approximately 650 students, utilizing 25 cars for the five week period.  Your involvement has helped approximately 1,200 students learn how to drive this past year.

Again, thanks for your great support of our program.


Charlie Reed, Traffic Education Program for Billings Public Schools

"In a time of need"

We sent with the warmest appreciation our thanks to you, your service people, and especially to Craig Olivo who treated us with such care, friendliness and efficiency when our Subaru broke down on May 22nd.

We were nearly 600 miles from home in Culbertson, MT after a granddaughter's graduation.  The next morning our new (13,000 miles) Outback would not start.  We called the hot line number and within a short time the representative had a flatbed haul from Glasgow, MT in Culbertson and took our car to Rimrock Subaru.  It tooks more than a day to get the parts and we had urgent business to get home to in Twin Bridges, so Craig loaned us a great little Saturn until our car was fixed.

We were able to get back to Billings in a couple of days to retrieve our car.

This 2011 Outback is the 4th Subaru in our family and we would have no other vehicle.  Your excellent help when we really needed it is so very much appreciated.

We send thanks to you all,

Rand and Patricia Bradley

"Best experience with the best salesman"

We just purchased a new Subaru Forester today from Rimrock Subaru. We have been working with one of their sales professionals, Clay Green for the past couple of weeks. The quality of a Subaru, the dealership and the professionalism of Clay is why we purchased the car. Clay was very knowledgeable about the vehicles in the lot and took us on a test drive across town to make sure we were getting the best car to suit our needs. We went in looking at the Forester but Clay took the time to show us the other models Subaru offers being very cognizant to stay in our budget while insuring we got the car we wanted. Thank you Clay for making this a great experience. Brad and Patty.

Brad & Patty