Subaru's safety and engineering features significantly 

mitigate against the risk of death or injury.

Read stories from our own customers, as they talk about how their Subaru saved their life. The best defense against the risk of serious injury is preparedness, and concern for automotive engineering that makes safety its focal point.

Kathleen Kuntz and her two children together were when her 2008 Subaru Tribeca was struck by another passing vehicle and her car flipped and rolled by the astonishing force of the impact.  However, both she and her children were able to walk away, with her dear children, literally, removed from their car seats, unscathed.  The text message she received from her military husband serving in Afghanistan, conveyed his gratitude that his wife and children were protected by Subaru safety engineering: "I LOVE YOU and I'm very glad that nothing more happened then what did happen, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU FOREVER"

No one ever wants to think they would be in an automotive accident, especially if they have never been in an accident beforehand. This is why you should rely on the history and reputation of safety that Subaru provides. It's something that you need but prefer not to plan for, and Subaru has you covered! With an array of Standard Safety Features like the Ring Shaped Reinforcement Frame, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD), Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), as well as new technologies such as the advanced six-airbag system and other amazing, state-of-the-art systems like Subaru EyeSight that make your Subaru one of the safest vehicles available on the market today.

Ted Haverland and his wife loved their Subaru Outback.  It was less than a year old when there was an accident resulting in it rolling three times, end over end, outside of Wibaux, Montana. Yes, you read that right! They said it cartwheeled, tip-to-tail. As you might guess, they were quite shaken up by such a violent wreck. It might surprise you, however, that once the vehicle stopped, they were okay, and able to unbuckle their seat belts, open the doors, and get out. The only minor injuries they sustained were bruises from the seat belts. When the tow truck driver picked them up to tow them back to Billings, they reached out to Rimrock Subaru.

They took another Subaru Outback into the family, and then did one better, and convinced their daughter to buy a new Subaru Outback as well.


This Outback is David Piersak's third new Subaru purchased from Rimrock Subaru. Mr. Piersak was passing a car following closely behind a semi-truck when the truck made a left turn. David could not see the truck's signal lights until it was too late. He wasn't able to get back into his lane without colliding with the car behind him. David swerved, but not before the 40,000 lb truck destroyed the front and right side of the Subaru.


Despite the massive amount of exterior damage, the entire safety cage of the Subaru Outback remained completely intact; David walked away from this terrible accident with nothing more than a rub mark from his seat belt.

If he had been driving any other car, this accident may have resulted in a fatality; another highway statistic.

David immediately drove his wife's Mitsubishi to Billings, and traded it in for a Subaru. He also replaced his damaged Outback with a brand new one.


We can replace damaged automobiles with insurance 

compensation when they're totaled out, but we cannot 

replace something infinitely more precious, you and your 

loved ones if they're 'lost' to an accident. That's why 

safety is fundamental.