If you're the proud parent of a fur baby, you probably feel a little left out when Take Your Child to Work Day comes and goes--after all, you sure dote on your dog like you would a child. And let's be honest, even an eight hour workday away from your faithful four-legged companion is too long.

Fortunately, the dog days are over...or perhaps they've just begun.

Join Subaru in celebrating National Bring Your Dog to Work Day!


Celebrating #takeyourdogtoworkday at Subaru HQ! -- #Repost @jpawlicki ??? Bring your dog to work day!

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Besides, you already work like a dog--why not work with your dog, too?

First things first, make sure your place of business allows dogs in the office. If not, never resort to keeping your dog in the car, even if you're planning a trip home on your lunch break. It may not feel like a particularly hot day to you, but the inside of your car heats up extremely quickly and is an unsafe space for old bow-wow.

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